When we came across this Loch I had to run down to it and get some reference for this painting. The place is right beside Loch Eriboll which in turn is near to Durness, as as the title indicates where the River Hope enters the Loch. 

The initial drawing is made and the sky is number one for work and cloud details.

The next stage is the find the darkest shade of the lake colour and block it in to build on it.

Once a lot of the details were added to the lake I began then to get the idea of the surrounding land and some stone details in the middle and the foreground.

At this point the lake has been worked and now adding some details here to this land and mountains behind.

The stones have come a long way towards being completed, the side of the hill will need more doing to it.

The mountains in the background have had details added to them.

The clouds  have been worked, in fact all the painting has been worked at this point.

With a little sharpening up and working details, this one is completed.