This area is very beautiful with the falls and everything around it. I have concentrated on the main falls in this location for this painting.

The first part of this painting is the prepare a black gesso surface to work from instead of the white.

You have to make a start somewhere. I chose a small beige coloured rock.

Its very hard to sort out the shapes of the rocks and where they need to be, even though I had mapped it all out.

Eventually I reached the top of the rocks. Also added the water to the picture with its directional flow.

The tress were the finishing point for the beginning of this painting. Now I have everything in its place, I can move forwards.

Adding details to the rocks and water, light and dark areas and shaping.

My next task was to get the water looking better, so alot of shaping.

The biggest job of this layer were the trees I would say. Now at this point I would say that I am happy with the progress and from here I can take it to the next level.

From here I got the work finished. I added quite a lot of colour to the rocks in particular as they were quite bland. I guess enlarging such an amount of grey that would happen.  The painting finally finished after adding a lot of details everywhere. The paint is quite lose too in some ways, tight in general.