Passing through the beautiful Scottish landscape you probably will see this place, or somewhere similar. It is not on the North Coast 500, but its an incredible place, famous too for the right reason for its incredible beauty. Its going in!! 

This is to a level where I am ready to start adding the real details or take it in another direction.

So…I decided to go down the route of more expressionism…

Of course, I still must pay attention to the shades.

Second layer complete.

I decided to make the sky more dramatic.

I have reworked the land to build up a texture. I think what I missing is a bit of contrast.

Worked in alot of contrast against the mountain on the left…needed to push it forwards tonally from the mountains on the right, plus also even the little trees right in the foreground show that the colour of the land is like that. Another thing was that the left mountain was weaker in colour compared to the clouds, and they were taking over. Thought of toning them down, and if it was still a problem I would’ve done that after picking up the contrast as I have done, but I think its fine now.

Here is the final photo of the work…