I wanted to simply make an impression based on 2 sketches that came as an inspiration. I didn’t wanted to create a real place either and was unsure where this one would go. It took a day almost of thinking and waiting for direction on it, and once I got that thought and a small light guiding my starting place, everything then evolved around it. 

Here are the 2 sketches I mentioned, my inspiration while talking with my wife and a friend. I wanted to bring these 2 together somehow as the basis for the work and see what happened from there.

Here is my canvas…and if you can see it there is whaite to the right…that is based on the black sketch…the other drawing has been mapped out also.

I began with earthy colours as this for me represents the scottish Highlands.

You can see the way the texture and the grass meet.

I created some effect here that feels also quite earthy.

Sky blocked in and mountains.

I wasnt certain what was going to happen with the white space above, then it came to me that this needs to be the sea.

Golden colour added for the sand and nice tones for the sea.

After some work on all parts of the canvas, it is ready.