This was a lovely beach that we came across while touring the route, so off I ran with my camera to get reference. Its always refreshing to see that clear water as a wave lifts up and tips over and the beach was beautifully clean.

Sky first. In this sky I wanted to create texture which has worked out very well.

Here is a close up detail of it.

Blocked in the land…

The sea has a colour change and tonal too, the same as the sand has a tonal change.

Getting the basic details of the wave and the sand colour.

Adding the bluish colour to the sand.

Here working out the basic layout of the foam patterns.

Details added to the wave in terms of colours and the foam to the wave and the foreground. Background sea has been detailed quite a lot too.

I have been working on all parts of the painting by this stage.

The land needs more work…but its feeling close to completion.

I can say that I am happy with the outcome now.