“Excellent Quality A4 size Hard Back running to over 80 pages of narrative, cartoons, sketches, art work and photos” 

C  o  s  t     o  f     b  o  o  k     a  n  d     p  o  s  t  i  n  g.

It is anticipated that we will have “North Coast 500 Midges and All” published and launched by mid-November.

This First Edition will be a Limited Edition, 200 copies signed by the authors. We will consider a Second Edition run if successful enough/there is an obvious demand.

Any Order made and paid for BEFORE publication will receive a £2.50 discount (Pre – order).

The prices include the book itself (£27.50 pre – order, £30.00 once printed) and additional costs such as postage etc. from the UK.

 To UK:  Pre-order £34.00   or   £36.50 once printed

Post Office “Signed for First Class Service” (“Next Day Delivery aimed for” plus up to £50 compensation).

To Europe: Pre-order £42.00   or   £44.50 once printed

Tracked and signed, 3 to 5 days delivery, up to £50 Compensation.

To Zone 1 (including U.S.A. Canada): Pre-order £47.00   or   £49.50

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To Zone 2 (including Australia): Pre-order £48.00   or   £49.50 

Tracked and signed, 5 to 7 days delivery, up to £50 comp.

Requests for alternative services (must include “signed for” element) Prices on request. All Customs and ancillary charges for buyers outside of U.K. are the sole responsibility of The Buyer.

Macedonian Orders. A very small stock of books will be held by the authors in Skopje and can be obtained directly from them, whilst the stock lasts.

Orders can be placed and paid for with paypal. The paypal address is:

[email protected]

Any questions please ask.

“North Coast 500 Midges And All” 

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The finish of this book is beautiful both inside and outside, and we are very happy with the outcome.

The writer Josh Court has made a journal style account leaving Macedonia and meeting up with me In the UK. His style is creative and very funny! He also made a lot of cartoons which I “refurbished” still keeping it in his own way of drawing, all have a distinctive yellow background and so are easily noticed.

The HARD part of the book of course were the Illustrations. Josh knows this deep in his heart but will never say it out loud, especially to me! I am joking of course. The illustration styles were designed around the text and what would be pleasing to the eye in the given spaces. There are pencil drawings, watercolours, pen and watercolour and also will include a selection of my paintings about the route that were made for the exhibition that you can see on this section of my website. Also between chapters will exist sections of my paintings and will be chosen for their interesting brush strokes etc tying in the the work for the show and of course about the journey around the North of Scotland.

Any enquiries please contact me at [email protected]

We will be able to post to anywhere in the world.