“Rough sea battling the rock wall at Ogmore” Acrylic on canvas (Tetraptych) 200cm x 400cm

“Rough sea battling the rock wall at Ogmore” Acrylic on canvas (Tetraptych) 200cm x 400cm

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“Rough sea battling the rock wall at Ogmore” was produced as a center piece for my solo show in “KIC” in Skopje, Macedonia, a gallery where many great artists have shown their work, so it was an honour. 

The painting was made in four sections for a couple of  reasons. One was the flexibility of the piece, that it could be divided into 4 sections, 2 sections or as one, a space put between the sections for a more modern feel etc. Secondly was transportation of the work to be made easier.

It is from Ogmore, South Wales on quite a rough day standing near to a rock wall, so a lot of turbulent water!


Product Description

200cm x 400cm acrylic on canvas as a four piece painting (each section is 1 metre x 2 metres).

For post and packing charges this is something that we need to discuss to find the right option for you as there are a number of ways this can be done i.e courier, normal mail etc.

There may be customs charges.

Item can be sent stretched (Parcelforce quote for example “With Parcelforce express48large you can send parcels up to 2.5 metres in length, with a combined length and girth not exceeding 5 metres. Individual parcels can weigh up to 30kg.) or sent un-stretched (rolled in a tube with the stretcher bars). Please let me know which way is better for you. “Worst case” would be sending only the paintings rolled as each including its extra canvas sides for stretching will be 120cm…no problem at all. Its only the 2 metre long stretcher length that would be up for consideration possibly depending on the company.

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Additional Information

Dimensions 400 x 3 x 200 cm


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