Creates Gallery, Monmouth.

November 2021 saw me being accepted into this beautiful gallery in Monmouth, South Wales.

“Passing between the rocks at Girvan” in the window display.

It is set on a charming narrow street at the top of the town with a large window display providing a view for all of the gallery. A few steps down the road and you are in Creates Gallery and coffee shop.

A wide and quality selection of various art.

I delivered 4 paintings to the gallery, one of them made it to the window display for which I am very grateful and pleased about, the others will be fitted in. The Large one wouldn’t fit into the car, so I re-stretched it in the gallery. You can see it below unrolled on the floor.

Here with the manager of Creates Gallery and artist Becky Evans

They have great works there from various artists etc, here is the website link :