Exhibition In Perast, Montenegro – July 2016

This was on an island, a stunning location in the fjord where is Kotor and where a boat trip from Perast will get you there in a few minutes. Incredible place. All around are mountains and the sea.

It was lovely for my wife and I to stay in Perast. I managed to do a little fishing in the morning before the sun peeked over the mountain tops, countless boat trips to and fro the church Island call “The lady of the rock” island – there’s a story, and around the Kotor bay including to visit Kotor a few times.

Y Môr, arfordir a cerrig” was the name of the exhibition, this being the Welsh language, and interestingly there were Welsh people visiting the island, we both being as surprised as one another to find “one of our own” on this small piece of rock, or should I say gem in paradise.