I finally got to paint outside!

Well, not entirely my fault it has taken so long, 45 degree heat had some impact on my decision, plus also wasn’t quite ready to go before that with some refinement to my equipment to sort out. I am however very pleased with my equipment, some of which I made like the head for the tripod for the panels, the tray for the tripod and some other bits and pieces.

My first attempt was pretty funny, getting flooded out by the river from where I was standing. The lake above the river where the dam is, they release water from there and in seconds it just fills up. Dangerous yes indeed, and I lost my lemon yellow during my escape (I know someone found it once the levels had gone down, there is lemon yellow smeared on the place where it was found, lemon yellow marks the spot!). I was lucky that my tripod didn’t end up in the river, and I was lucky that I had a way out. Memorable and makes me smile to think of it.

All that time spent getting ready in the studio was not in vain, in fact I did not notice any difference in terms of colour mixing, only having to deal with the sun creating moving shadows over a period of time that you don’t get in the studio of course. So a good way to get ready for it for sure, practice in the studio is not wasted time at all. Getting the right colours are getting the right colours no matter where you are.

Nice to have that interaction with the environment however (with mosquito repellent in this case) and the situation as always forces a result. I was able to work loose too as was up against the clock at one point, and produced a very successful little panel. The loose work had been done prior in the studio of course, and it was interesting to see it working outside. Why wouldn’t it of course! But these are little things in the mind, and when you do them it becomes obvious it would work the same. Maybe its just me!

I am pleased I managed to get out a few times, it does give confidence that it can be done, and that the studio work I will continue to do will help working outside.