Scotland trip 2018

Exhibition is nearing for September 2019 in Castle Gallery Inverness. From June 2018 it is about 15 months away, but its surprising how quickly time passes, especially if you have a lot of things going on in your life, such as being an artist for example!

I travelled with a great pal of mine who lives a stone throw away from me in Skopje, Macedonia, our plan was a simple one…get around the route 500 to find reference and inspiration along the way. How could you not! Ok, there were a few midges around, and really only a few due to high winds and storm Hector which we weathered in our 4 man tent, the poor little things could not bite us! I am very sorry about this as you can imagine!

My friend has a funny writing style that is brilliant, and we will produce a book about the route 500, and keep it as we found it with the clouds, the sun, the lot, as will be my show next year.

It will be more landscape this one, and I am looking forwards to getting stuck into it (first to sort out the 1,800 photo’s I took into my favourite ones – which will probably be about 500, then to get it down to 20 for the show, and find others that will be used for the book. A few hours work did I hear you say! I only wish it was true…

Please check in every now and then top see whats going on with the book and of course other shows etc. that may be coming up.

Those beers were well earned by the way, as was the celebrational breakfast (not in the same morning – beers were from another evening of course just in case you are thinking…).