Wet on Wet Technique

Last year in 2020 during lockdown in Wales, I decided that I wanted to learn further the technique to work Wet on Wet with oils. Ultimately I want that freedom to go out with my gear and paint live in a matter of hours.

In the both art colleges I went to, we were never taught this, painting techniques were not taught either to my knowledge. We could have done with someone coming in and showing us these things, seeing how things were done, demos from other artists. It would have helped a lot.

When it comes to oil painting, apart from the verbal advice I got from a friend who got me involved in it, I am really self taught. I really can’t remember anyone showing us in depth about the techniques. So here I am after years of studio oil painting learning how to paint on the spot and fast. It is great fun by the way.

This painting here was the first large attempt at this technique, but it didnt work out wet on wet entirely as I was trying to film at the same same, waiting for light etc, so it worked out sort of 50/50, although the entire background is one sheet. I think I need to think about working in sheets when working on larger works, this I learned from this one, or to add a medium to slow the drying time down enough.

I am excited to get into some outdoor work, but also studio work too. Anyway, its one more thing I can do (am learning to do) and that can’t be bad.

Here is another I made in 3.5 hours on a 25cm x 40cm panel.