Text was written for the purpose of informing people to help with an important community project 2018

Why is art important?

“My name is Vernon W Jones, an artist specializing in Seascape Art which I exhibit both in the UK and Internationally.

I was born in Pontypool in 1972, attended all my school life in Pontypool, also my first college studying a BTEC General Art and Design course, which led me onto another BTEC course at HND level at CCTA (Carmarthen College of technology and art) completed in 1994.

It has been a winding road, but I eventually found myself as a fine artist specializing in Seascape Art as mentioned, starting along this path in 2003.

I am well aware of some of the attitudes that people have towards art and the arts in general, with some saying things like “it’s a waste of time”, “get a real job”, etc. etc.

If I can speak of myself and my wife who is a Macedonian Artist exhibiting similarly to myself, we work hard and put in many hours to create our works and to promote them. It is something that is certainly not easy on quite a few levels, but it has its rewards and it’s also something that we feel we are made to do; it’s in our blood so to speak.

As I have progressed as an Artist I have had a lot of time to think about the arts (I also play an instrument) and the value for art in the world.
Take a look at this for example:

I wake up, have a shower, get dressed, brush my teeth, comb my hair, have something to eat at my table, make a tea, put on my shoes to head out of my home. I walk down my path and out of my gate and get into my car. I turn on the radio to a music channel and head for work.

An everyday scenario for many people. If you think of all of the artists and designers in their various fields involved in that operation, it’s quite staggering!

The fact is artists of one form or another produce art that is all around us, on us and in almost everything that we do, whether they are respected or not by the public. In fact I am certain that most people have not given this a thought!

Try to imagine the world around us without art! Try to think how your clothes would look, what you would sit on, what your home would look like, the taps in your kitchen, the tiles on your floor, the light shades in your living room. Would you even have some of those things if there wasn’t someone to design them and then to produce them? Art is everywhere!

Creativity for me is linked to survival in its deepest sense, and is not only sitting down with a box of crayons to make a drawing or building a cow from paper and glue! The importance of why we feel to pick up the crayon or start dancing as infants seems like a response of being who and what we are. There are deeper questions that could be explored as to why we do this, ancestral memories perhaps? For whatever reason, it is inside us!

I met some musicians that wanted to find the origins of music in Belgium many years ago, the sound of rain drops, stones rolling, footsteps, a heart beating. They built such amazing instruments such as stilt-a-phones, a revolving harp, a ping-pong table with notes everywhere on its surface. The music that these people created was incredible. The positive things that can be done are without end.

When looked into in a deeper context, the world of art is fascinating. The achievements made by individuals can be breathtaking, works of art for God or various Gods, people’s beliefs and devotions to something, to someone, just an example of what can draw out greatness in people.

Talent I believe can be hidden away, never used, never nurtured depending on what circumstances a person may find themselves in. Some may never have the chance to use the materials that are on offer, to use a studio to learn dance, to learn to play music, to learn to draw and paint etc. Then there is the other side for teachers to be able to pass on knowledge, another important part of our evolution. I have taught a little in my life, and it’s a great feeling to be able to pass on knowledge. I think that there are those who have that in their blood also, but of course there needs to be somewhere to do these things, a place that people on both sides can go to for the reason of being taught and teaching.

Expressing ourselves is important, to sing, to dance, to create, and with guidance those feelings can be directed towards greatness, things that those people never thought they could do, which in turn is put back into society, into our world. Others can be inspired, given hope and a breath of air that provides enough courage to try it for themselves. There may be a genius sitting right now at home doodling, or strumming on a guitar in their bedroom. Dreams can be fulfilled, dreams give hope and with courage and determination and those behind them giving them confidence and encouragement, who knows what can be achieved!

On another level, it may be enough that someone creates and learns to express themselves just for themselves which is also important too. That person could create something that inspires another. It’s like water trails, pathways…and it doesn’t really matter how, it matters that it does!

Vernon W Jones